How to Create Your Own Viking Architecture Interior

“It was the best job of my life,” said Hundertwassett, now 76.

“I had a great time doing it, I had great relationships with all the people, and it was a blast.” 

 The job was not only incredibly rewarding, but also a great opportunity to show off the architectural skills that Hunderwassett had learned from the men who built the structures. 

Hunderwasetts first experience working on Viking architecture was in 1973, when he was hired by an Australian company to build a new building for the local community. 

The building, called the Viking House, was designed by architects Richard Brinton and David Beddoe and featured a large swimming pool, two restaurants, a spa, and a large garden. 

“The main idea was to create a beautiful home that was connected to the sea and the natural surroundings,” said Hundtwassetts. 

In 1978, a series of earthquakes in Tasmania killed one of the village’s residents.

Hundtswassett and his team immediately began working on rebuilding the structure. 

After a series and partial failures, the building was built in 1981. 

Today, Hundts is remembered for his role in creating a structure that is as iconic as the Viking Ship itself. 

(Hundts) “It’s a pretty awesome place,” said John Hall, Hunderswassetts oldest surviving relative.

“It’s been in use by the government for generations, and now it’s a tourist attraction.” 

Hassett’s father, John Hall of Westhaven, Tasmania, has also passed away and his great-great-grandfather is now the CEO of the Tasmanian Museum of Art. 

Despite his passing, Hultwassets life has continued to inspire generations of architects, designers, and engineers. 

 Today the building, which was constructed in the late 1930s, remains a symbol of the state’s heritage.

“The Viking House was the heart of the building,” said Hall.

“The main story line of the whole thing was the story of how the people of Tasmania built it.” 

“They built the whole Viking ship from scratch, and we’ve just recreated that in the Viking house,” he continued.

“So the whole building was the inspiration for me.

The Viking House is a real story.”

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