Which city has the best architecture in Italy?

Interior architects Allegro are celebrating their 20th anniversary in Italy with an elegant, modernistic style that has won praise for its subtle yet sophisticated design.

The Italian city-state boasts more than 2,300 residential buildings, which have been given their distinctive Italian name in the mid-1990s, when it was still a colonial and colonial-era Italian enclave.

Allegros architects have been making a comeback in recent years, with a number of recent works that take inspiration from the country’s architectural heritage, such as the house of Italian architect Luigi Barone.

“In the past, we were very focused on the aesthetic of the building itself, but now we want to think about the building’s interior,” Allegra’s design director, Alessandro Dalla Serra, told AFP.

“We want to show that there is a world beyond the building.

It’s also important to realise that the building is not only a place, but also a space that can be shared by the community.”

The interior of the house with its high ceilings, windows and open floors, designed by Alessandro Serra.

Image: Alessandro Pascual-Leone/Allegra interior design team source Allegri house interior design, designed for a reception room, which takes inspiration from its interior, with its low ceilings and windows, designed to blend in with the surrounding garden.

The interior design of the Italian town of Alba, designed in collaboration with architect Alessandro Gatti.

Image and source: Alessangelo Filippi/Almanac Design and Alessandro Filippo/Almagro interior design group/Almenac Design

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