How Google’s ‘big data’ approach to architecture could revolutionise interior design

With the recent news of Google’s plans to create a new company called Granit, we look at how the company’s “big data” approach to design could transform interior design.

The firm is reportedly planning to bring together a number of elements, including 3D modeling and data-driven architecture to build a “living-room design” for the offices of Google.

The company says it wants to be able to design homes “without needing to design and build the entire house” (in other words, a house that looks good in the office but doesn’t look good in a home).

The design of the new company is described as “a living-room-centric design for the workplace” and the team will “focus on the core elements that connect us as a team to deliver a better work environment and be more effective in our work and life.”

It’s not clear if Google is currently working on any of these designs, but it seems like the company is looking to work with developers to create apps that help people live more naturally and efficiently.

What does Google mean by living in a living-space?

As the company notes, the company wants to “redefine the way we live.”

While living more naturally would likely mean building a new kind of office or home, it’s possible that Granit will create “new ways of living” in a similar way to what Google’s designers are doing.

For example, Granit’s designs will be based on natural materials like wood and bamboo.

Granit also says it will try to be a “home” rather than a “workplace” as a design goal, and will try “to make it easier to manage and share information in our offices.”

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