When the new house is completed, the old one is gone

From the time it was built, this home was a masterpiece.

The master bedroom and kitchen had a gold finish, with the fireplace and living room finished in the same wood as the master bedroom, and the master bathroom was finished in a similar material as the kitchen.

When the home was completed, however, the master bedrooms were painted gold, and now the master bath was painted in gold.

The interior is completely different.

The old master bedroom still has its red-and-black paint, and there’s a new kitchen.

The walls and ceiling are new, with a new flooring.

Now, the new master bedroom has been replaced by a glass wall that looks like it was painted by a contractor in an old movie, and it’s gone.

The original master bedroom had its original fireplace, but the kitchen has been painted with gold.

This new kitchen is new, and has a gold tile floor.

The new master bathroom has a red tile floor and is finished in an exact match to the master master bedroom.

The home has an entire new floor, so now it’s a different house entirely.

This is how it looks now.