Live: ‘It’s like you are in a bubble’ – Inside the world of architectural photography

With its iconic red and blue buildings, an iconic skyline and its iconic street furniture, New York’s Times Square has been called the “world’s most iconic building”.

Now, in the latest episode of “Inside Architecture” we take a look inside the architecture of the iconic New York skyscraper.

Read moreThe Times Square building was originally a warehouse in 1929.

It was designed by Albert Kahn, who had built the now-iconic World Trade Center in the 1930s.

It’s an unusual location.

When we moved in, it was in a downtown area that had been transformed by the construction of a new train station.

The site is so unusual that when we moved, we had no idea what to expect, because we had never been there before, says Michael Hulsey, an architectural historian who is one of the architects involved in the project.

The Times Square site is just outside of the Manhattan skyline.

But we’re all part of the team, we’re doing it together, and it’s really exciting to be here,” Hulson says.

Architectural photographer Robert J. Miller is working on a new project called “The Architectural Photographer’s Guide” which is a collection of over 100 photos of architecture and design, mostly from around the world.

The project is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.

The team behind “The Photographer’s Guides” is looking to get more photographers involved.”

There’s something about seeing the building that is so unique, and seeing the way it was designed, it’s just so beautiful,” Miller says.

Miller says the project is intended to help the public learn more about architecture and the history of the building, which was designed in the early 1900s and was a major landmark in the city at the time.

For Miller, it is an opportunity to bring a “big picture” perspective to the subject of architecture, which he says has “lost its historical context” since the 1970s.”

I think it’s kind of sad, and kind of tragic, that we have the same kinds of images that we see in architecture magazines, where people are just sort of sitting around and taking pictures of the things that are on their desk,” Miller said.”

What it is is a beautiful structure, and I think there’s something really fascinating about the fact that it is still here.

“The team behind the project includes architects John T. Kelly and Robert R. Kelly, who both worked on the new building’s design.

The photos will be available online at the end of the week.”

It’s not a project of my own.

This is a very special project that we’re bringing to life, and that’s why it’s so exciting.”

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