A look inside a gyms and a private yoga studio in Jerusalem’s Old City

In the heart of Jerusalem’s oldest neighborhood, an ancient Hindu temple looms above the bustling streets of Jerusalem.

The temple, built around 4,000 BC, is located in the Old City and is home to the oldest temple in Israel.

It is believed to have been built to house the gods and goddesses.

It is also the home of a private gym where residents can practice their yoga, which has attracted many young women to join the practice.

The gyms offer classes in a variety of areas, including yoga, martial arts, and karate.

Some of the women in the group, however, find it more comfortable to practice outside than in the temple.

The women said that many of the men in the gym are “creepy” and that they often flirt with the women on the floor.

One of the gyms owners, who did not want to be identified for fear of reprisal, said that the women have to be careful about where they go in the city, saying that “there is always someone looking for trouble.”

In addition to the gym, the women said they also frequent a gym located in a neighboring building, where they said the owners often harass women who want to join.

Some members of the group also complained about the owners’ use of private space, where the women are forced to sit or stand at tables without privacy.

One woman said that she used to use the yoga studio’s floor space for her bed and was “not really comfortable” sitting on it because it is “very uncomfortable.”

She added that the owner used to keep the door of the gym open so that he could harass women during classes.

The owner of the yoga class said that he would “do anything” to keep his business open, even threatening to evict the women from their place of business.

He said that they had to make the choice between staying in the building or leaving.

“I told them to go away, because I don’t want anyone to get hurt,” he said.

In a statement released by the owners, the group said they were saddened that the owners had been “obsessed” with their business and would not stop the harassment.

“We hope to have a place for the women to practice yoga in the future, and we hope that they can stay,” the statement said.

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