‘Inside’ of Monash’s interior architecture studio – a ‘true’ story

Inside Monash University’s interior design studio, which has a history dating back to the 1950s, is an integral part of the university’s design ethos.

But the studio has never been open to the public, and it’s not the only place it has been closed.

It is also the only one where a wall mural, a painting and a collection of memorabilia are housed.

Here, students learn about the history of the studio and its purpose.

The muralThe mural is located on the back wall of the wall mural room.

It depicts a portrait of the famous Australian painter Sydney Scott, which features prominently on the mural wall.

Scott painted over the mural in 1964 and created an impressionist portrait which is now on display at the Monash Architectural Gallery.

“It is a very special wall mural that we created to commemorate Scott’s life and work,” Monash interior architect Mark McAllister said.

“We thought it would be appropriate to do this as a mural, as a kind of tribute to him and the work that he created.”

The mural includes a portrait by Sydney Scott.

It features prominently in the mural room of Monaske’s interior, and has become a significant part of its design ethos, with the wall murals in the building being adorned with the mural.

The paintingThe painting is a painting by Sydney Miller.

The artist has worked on several murals, including one of Sydney Scott by Sydney Campbell in the 1920s.

“He is famous for his work of painting over his own work,” Mr McAllisters said.

“He’s a very prolific painter, and this is the first time that we’ve seen it in this space.”

“We have been in a relationship with the Miller family since 1965, and I think this is their favourite painting.”

The Miller family have done a fantastic job and are very, very proud of this painting.

“The wall muralThe wall painting is also in the wall of Monasher’s interior building.”

They’ve done a great job,” Mr McDallister said of the mural, which includes a number of paintings by the Miller brothers.”

I think it’s a really interesting piece of work.

“Mr McAllsister said the Miller Brothers wanted to be recognised for the work they had done in the studio.”

There’s something very special about that,” he said.

The museumThe Monash Museum is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to preserving Monash and its architecture and architecture history.

It is home to Monash architect Mark McDonald, and he is very proud that the museum has a special exhibition space.”

Every time I’ve gone to the Monaskes and seen the museum, it’s been very impressive,” he explained.”

And that’s just something that the Monasters have been doing for generations.””

It’s an interesting way to celebrate the history, because there are so many things that are important to the history that are kept out of public view.

“This is the kind of place where we can celebrate the art that they’ve done, the buildings that they have done and the buildings in Monash that they’re associated with.”

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