How to build an interior with words

If you’ve ever wondered how a church is supposed to look, this is the guide.

Architectural designer, interior designer and interior architect James Cairns is one of the leading experts in this space, and his latest book, Architecture Plus Interior Architecture, is a must-have for any interior designer.

The book uses a word association to tell the story of a typical church.

Architecturally, the church is the centrepiece of the structure, but inside it’s a bit more of a collection of smaller elements.

“Inside the church, the structure is a collection, it’s like a gallery,” Cairn says.

The main elements of the building are the dome and the pulpit, which are made of wood and glass, but a number of other elements can be made from other materials.

There are other buildings in the area as well, such as a churchyard, a farm house and a school.

For the book, Cairnn used a word-patterned approach, meaning he could have any building or structure of his choosing.

He uses the word association approach to create a picture of a church as a collection rather than a set of individual parts.

It’s not that a building is a static structure; it’s more like an assemblage of smaller parts.

“I don’t want to create the feeling that a single building is the focal point of the church.

The church is a series of pieces that are integrated, that have a shared history.”

Architecture Plus Interior Architectural Design book, £19.99,