‘Chinese Interior Architecture’ in California: How the ‘Interior’ Became a ‘Chinese Art’

As the Chinese government moves to revive a once-dead art form that had been virtually extinct for decades, the rise of China’s new interior architecture is on display in the city of San Francisco.

Chinese interior architecture has emerged as an important force in California’s urban landscape in recent years.

In 2015, for example, Chinese architectural firm Kogan, whose projects include the Grand Central Station and the iconic U.S. Capitol building, opened a new office building in San Francisco’s Chinatown neighborhood, which has long been known for its Chinese heritage.

“Chinese interior design is in many ways the future of the Chinese,” said Stephen Leong, executive director of the San Francisco Chinese Cultural Center.

Leong said the building would be a “Chinese-inspired art center” and would feature Chinese murals and sculptures by Chinese artists.

The Chinese government recently unveiled a new urban plan for San Francisco that would include more than 2,000 projects.

“The new Chinese plans call for the development of a vibrant and vibrant city in the face of a changing economic climate,” Leong told The Washington Times.

“San Francisco’s economic growth and growth of the city will depend on the success of Chinese interior design and its cultural contribution.”

Leong noted that many Chinese architects have worked on projects in San Fran.

He added that the Chinese architects who have worked in San Jose have also done a “huge amount” for the city.

“They’ve helped build the downtown core and built some amazing restaurants, they’ve created some amazing housing and housing is a great asset to the city,” he said.

Leung said that the new Chinatown will feature a mix of new, traditional and contemporary Chinese styles.

Leongs office is located at the corner of Market Street and Broadway.

The design for the new office is the work of local designer David Kwan, who specializes in Chinese architecture and design.

The building, which will be the first Chinese-designed building in the U.A.E., is expected to open in 2020.

It will have a design that is “designed to complement the contemporary urban design in the area,” according to a description on the building’s website.

The new building will also include “a unique mix of contemporary and traditional Chinese styles,” according the website.

Kwan said that he has worked with the San Jose Chinese Community Center, which is helping to fund the building, for about 10 years.

“We’ve been working with them to see what the new design will look like, and what the public can expect,” Kwan told The Times.

The development of Chinese architectural architecture in San Franciso is an important development, said Kwan.

“For so long, we’ve seen Chinese architects just not show up in San Franciscos cities because they didn’t have the money,” he added.

Kuan Yung, executive vice president of the National Association of Chinese Architects, said he was pleased that the San Francisos building would serve as a model for Chinese architectural design in other cities.

“It’s good that this building is a model, a place to test the waters of what the future looks like,” he told The Hill.

“When the Chinese community in San Diego started to develop, they did it by using the Chinese heritage of San Diego and then they created a Chinese building in Chinatown.”

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