How to take care of your eyes when your phone gets lost

A few years ago, a friend brought his iPhone 6 to an office party and a few colleagues noticed he was wearing sunglasses.

That turned out to be a common sight in the office.

The company behind Glass, Interas, has been designing a special lens for their glasses.

Glass’ new lens is an augmented reality lens that uses sensors inside the phone to track a wearer’s position, angle and movement, according to a press release.

When the wearer uses their phone to take a photo, the camera captures the angle of the shot and then the angle and location of the person wearing the lens.

Glass uses a combination of the camera’s video and infrared sensors to determine the distance to the subject and how much of the subject’s face the wearer can see.

Glass is expected to be released in the fall, with pricing set at $499.

Glass’ technology can be used in a number of different applications.

In a study by the University of Texas at Austin, researchers found that people who were wearing glasses with lenses that were more realistic, like the ones from Interas had lower levels of anxiety and lower levels a sense of self-worth.

Glass also has an application in the healthcare field.

A company called Theta Pharmaceuticals has developed a drug that can reduce the side effects of anxiety in people with high blood pressure.

Glass also has the potential to be used to prevent injuries, particularly in a car crash.

Glass is the brainchild of the Harvard Business School and the company is owned by a trio of Harvard students.

The professors said the glasses have been a huge inspiration for the company, which is still in early stages.

Glass has two main functions.

One is to help people who have lost their glasses because they lost their phone.

The other is to be worn with other glasses that are more comfortable, such as the ones that interspaice, which has an office that has glass in every room.

The intersperate glasses are designed to be more comfortable and easier to wear.

Glass has also partnered with a company called Lazy Eye, which offers a smart glasses app that lets users look at their phone in a variety of ways.

The app allows users to take pictures of their phone, check out what they’re seeing and upload them to Glass.

The two-year project is a collaboration between Interas and the Harvard Innovation Lab, according the Interas press release, and the team hopes to release a product in the near future.

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