IKEA is moving away from a traditional office into a home studio

IKEAS is taking the plunge into a new home studio, with the Swedish furniture giant saying it will no longer rent rooms to clients.

The company will move to a two-bedroom apartment in the heart of Stockholm, the company announced today, and will have “a full-time office space in the next 12 months”.

In an interview with Swedish media, CEO Ingvar Kamprad said the move will allow the company to take on more “customer demands” and to help increase its efficiency.

“We are a business that needs to be efficient,” Kamprad told the TT news agency.

“We don’t have to be expensive, we don’t need to do all the work.

We are a company that doesn’t have time to waste.”

The company already has offices in Amsterdam, London and Singapore, but Kamprad explained that the Swedish office will have more space and more people.

“There will be more people and more things, but we are also a company of workers,” he said.

IKEAS’ new design is inspired by Scandinavian architecture, with a wide open space in its central tower, as well as an extensive balcony that allows the company’s customers to relax.

Kamprad said that while the company had seen “growing pains” with its Swedish design, it was now able to “make a decision on the right path”.

“We have been able to make a decision that works for the company, and for the customers.

I hope that we can continue to build up the company,” he told TT.

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