How to make your house look like a design school

On the day the CBC commissioned an interior design school to show off its building’s interior, the school’s principal, David Stiles, says he was overwhelmed with the amount of submissions.

“It’s just amazing,” he said.

It’s been amazing.” “

I’ve just been overwhelmed.

It’s been amazing.”

Stiles says it took him about six months to put together a team of architects who knew their way around the design process.

“They were able to take it from the conceptual stage to the building,” he says.

Stiles is the first architect to be given a contract for a project in the Tulsa Valley, where the city has a significant architectural heritage.

He’s been in contact with the school, which is being run by the architecture school at the University of Oklahoma.

“The project was really unique,” he told CBC News.

“That was one of the challenges that we faced as an architecture school.”

Stills says the project was inspired by a recent study done by the architectural inter-disciplinary firm Architectural Interiors.

In that study, the authors identified 10 different types of interiors.

The project was designed to be a mix of traditional styles and modern ideas.

The architects used the materials they had in their portfolio, but also a mix, including reclaimed wood and glass.

“As a design student, you really just don’t get to make these kinds of choices,” Stiles said.

The school has been given three weeks to respond to the request for proposals.

The university’s School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture will make a decision by December.

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