Which of the four houses in the Wilcox County building will survive the massive storm?

Wilcox, Colorado — An architectural interior designer has posted a video on his website showing that the Wilcox County building he and his wife designed for the couple’s two sons will survive after the massive Storm Irene hits the region.

The Wilcox-Petersburg complex in northwest Colorado will remain intact despite severe damage caused by Irene, architect Scott Wilcox told Fox News.

Wilcox said the structure was designed to withstand the storm’s wind and rain, and the family was surprised by the strong winds and heavy rains in early November.

Wilcox, who was appointed to the WilCO project in July, said the WilCox property will remain the property of the Wilcotts and the Wilkos will continue to operate the Wilcumys businesses and businesses, and he would like to extend his thanks to his wife and children for their support and prayers.

He said he was very relieved that the structure will remain as it is.

The home was designed for two boys, ages 12 and 14, by architect Scott W. Wilcocks.

The house has an attached garage and a pool.

Wilco’s wife, JoAnn, is the project manager.

“We were really surprised when Irene hit,” Wilcox explained.

“We were expecting it to come through, but we were surprised to see it not come through.

We knew it was going to come, and then we knew we had to have a way to protect the structure.

The structure itself was designed as a two-story structure, but when it came down, it went in two different directions, and it was really strong.

It was just a total shock.

We were very lucky to be able to save it.”

The Wilcoys and their business, the Wilkins-Crosby, operated a hardware store on the property for nearly 40 years, before it went into foreclosure in February of 2018.

Wilkins was appointed a county commissioner in January.

The house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The architect said the home will be ready to be returned to the family when the storm clears.

“The structure itself is going to be destroyed, but I think that we can rebuild it and bring it back into the community,” Wilcops said.

“I have a lot of love for the structure, and we are going to rebuild it.”

He said the house will be fully operational by March.

“There’s going to not be any damage to it,” Wilcoops said of the structure being destroyed.

“It will be fine.

We’re going to restore it.

The foundation will be the same, and that’s the only damage that’s going be to it.

If the water comes back in and the structure starts to come back up again, we’ll be back to the way it was.”

Wilcox said he is working on rebuilding the structure in time for the storm.

“Hopefully it can be ready in time to go back to work when it comes back to us,” Wilkins said.

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