Inside the interior of a Chinese factory

Inside the Interior of a Construction Site, a Chinese company has completed a prototype of a robot that can dig through sand to locate and remove debris.

The robot, called a sand dune robot, is designed to dig into sand dunes to locate buried or damaged machinery and replace it with a new one that is more efficient.

The robot was built by Zhejiang Technology Group in collaboration with Beijing-based Zhehua Technology, which developed the previous prototype.

It is designed as a way for robots to navigate through the landscape, says the company.

It is equipped with sensors and cameras that can identify sand dents, sand grains, and debris from a distance.

The robots can use their vision and sense of touch to detect and remove the sand, which can be then moved to a new location by hand.

The robots can dig into the sand dikes to excavate and remove sand and other debris.

This is what a robot does at a sand dig site.

Zhehuang Technology Group and Beijing-Zhehua Technologies have developed a prototype robot for digging dunes using sand.

It has a robotic arm that moves through the sand and picks up debris.

The arm can dig and dig, and the robot can also rotate.

The team has also developed an algorithm to determine where the robot needs to go next to work.

It could then start excavating, and could stop when the robot has reached a suitable location.

The algorithm could also automatically stop if the robot reaches the sand.

The company says it hopes to introduce the robot to a number of large-scale construction sites, and to a larger number of customers, including the US.

It hopes to have the robot on the streets of the US by 2020.

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