Interior architecture in the Mughal Empire: The Mughals built a house with a view

“We were on a road to Mughali capital, Delhi, when the driver pulled up behind us and told us we needed to get out of the car.

The road turned into a long alley with narrow, muddy lanes and one big gate at the end of the road.

It was a very long road and we were going to have to walk through the muck, which was very, very wet.

I started walking along the road towards the gate.

I could feel the water rushing down my face.

It must have been in the evening because we were covered in mud.

I tried to stop the water and it was very hard, but it was raining hard.

There was a large, red stone wall on the road which blocked the path for almost four kilometres.

We had to walk along this wall and then the muddied path was completely covered by the rain.

I couldn’t see the outside, but I could hear the rain outside, and then I could see the road.”