How to choose the right architecture for your home

LONDON — The home of an architectural interiors expert is on the market.

Liam Murphy is the co-founder of LONDON Architecture and the architect behind many of London’s most iconic buildings, including Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey.

He also designed the new homes of London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Prime Minister Theresa May.

But when Murphy came across an interior architecture blueprint for the new residential building, he was immediately intrigued.

He says he wanted to build a home that reflected the “modernist, modernist, industrial, and progressive” architecture of London.

Murphy is a self-described “modern” architect, so when he saw the design of a new London house that would reflect the “sustainability” of the city, he felt the architectural designer’s vision was “very well put together.”

“This is a building that has been designed in a way that is both modern and sustainable, it has a lot of energy efficiency, it’s very green,” Murphy said.

“It’s a building designed with a lot more energy efficiency in mind, and it’s a modernist building that’s very high-end in terms of materials, in terms on the roof.”

The architect says his aim with the house was to make it “not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, and we’ve done that.”

The new home will be built at the end of a seven-acre estate near the city’s historic Docklands district.

It is part of a $40 million mixed-use development in the city that also includes a hotel, office, and retail space.

Murphys architects plan is to incorporate green space, a mix of architectural elements, and a mix that includes the cityscape and natural light into the design.

“I want it to be something that I can say to people, ‘this is the home of a sustainable designer, this is the house that reflects the city,'” Murphy said in an interview with CBC News.

Murley’s design team has been building a number of residential and commercial buildings in London.

He said they’ve used a range of materials to create the design, including recycled materials like cardboard, steel and glass, recycled concrete, and “organic” materials like palm trees.

The design is currently being reviewed by London’s planning department, and will go before the London Development Corporation in late June.

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