The ‘Lost World’ of The Lost City: The Architectural Insignia of The World of Tomorrow

The Lost World of The Old World is the hidden city that lies beneath the Atlantic Ocean, a place of strange and wondrous wonders, where there is a secret underground civilization with secret chambers and secret rituals, a land of magic and secrets.

For more than a century, the secret society known as The Order of the Phoenix has been waging war against the powers of darkness, a war that threatens to bring about the end of the world.

As the secret societies’ war continues to rage, the Order has gathered a huge arsenal of technology and advanced weapons, and the most dangerous weapon is the mysterious Architectural Inscription, a mysterious object of unknown origin and power.

In this episode, the architects of The Order, as well as their allies, the Knights Templar, discuss what exactly The Architect’s Inscription means, what lies beneath it, and what might be behind its mysterious powers.

In the next episode, we’ll take a closer look at the mysterious, enigmatic architecture that lies hidden beneath the ocean floor. 

By Peter V. Brett, Esq.

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