A view from the top of the roof of the Wolcott building

Inter’s new stadium in Ingolstadt, which is currently being constructed in Ingoldstadt, Germany, has been unveiled with a view from its roof.

The project, funded by the German government, is expected to cost a record €1.2bn, with a target of completion in 2022.

The interior of the building is made up of an array of terraces, with each one being decorated with a particular element.

The main facade of the Ingolstadion is a circular shape, while the second level, which extends around the main façade, is a rectangular structure.

The third level is a large rectangular building, with the building’s roof made up entirely of skylights and windows.

Inter’s new Ingolstein stadium will be the second-largest in Europe, behind Borussia Dortmund’s new home in Ingolsstadion.