‘No-one else can tell me’: ‘I’m not even a candidate for the building’

In this photo taken from a video posted to Twitter, a building is seen on a hillside in a remote village in northern Uganda.

The video shows the building being constructed by a group of volunteers in the capital, Kampala, and is titled “No-One Else Can Tell Me.”

The group, known as “Pancho,” is run by a woman named “Paparika.”

The building was built by volunteers for the Pancho Mission, an organization that helps orphaned children in the countryside and the impoverished countryside, according to its website.

“I am a little worried about the health of the people in the village,” Pancha told Newsweek.

“There is no one who can tell us about the problems that are being caused by the building.”

Panchi, who works in a government factory, said the building is a sign of progress.

“It is not just the people who are getting jobs, it is the people themselves who are making it happen,” she said.

The Ugandan government has given Panchas and her organization the funds to complete the project.

“We are working in an environment where people know how to do this work, and we can use this opportunity to teach them about building properly,” Pancak said.

She added that the people are not being treated well and have a poor quality of life.

The project, Pancharika told Newsweek, is one of the projects in a series of projects to improve the quality of living of the poorest people in Africa.

Panchak said the people of her village have been living in the area for years without proper shelter.

“They don’t have access to education, electricity, water or a toilet.

We have no clean water.

They have no electricity and no medical supplies,” she told Newsweek on Thursday.

Pancarika said she has tried to help the people, and that she will continue her work in the future.

“This is not my place,” she added.

“But I will always work with my community.

I want to do what I can to help my community and to help other people, so they can have a better future.”

Pancagas work in Kampala The Ugandans government said that Panchis efforts were a good sign, saying that the project will improve the lives of the Ugandan people.

The minister for rural development and development of rural areas, Kambale Yaga, said in a statement that Pancal’s initiative “shows that we can take a positive step toward ensuring that the rural community will have a safe, dignified and prosperous future.”

The government said it will support Panchias efforts to complete “a major project in the country to make a real contribution to the prosperity of Ugandias rural community.”

Ugandan Minister of Rural Development and Development of Rural Areas, Kanga Njeri told Newsweek that the government was looking forward to the Pancatis efforts.

“The project is a major development in the region and we will be very proud of the positive work it has done to provide opportunities to the rural people in Kampangal,” he said.

“And we hope the Pachapachisi project will contribute to the success of the region in general.”

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