What is a Muslim architectural record?

Architects have a unique responsibility to preserve their work, even in their most dangerous, stressful and challenging environments.

This responsibility is often expressed as a ‘Islamic architectural record’, a title that is frequently used in publications and in the academic literature.

The term was first coined by Ibrahim Al-Fayez, who in his book ‘Arab Architecture’ (2013) describes a Muslim architect’s responsibility to ‘uphold the Islamic tradition’.

A Muslim architect, he states, ‘is one who strives to bring out beauty in his creations’.

Al-Haytami is an Egyptian Muslim architect and one of the founding members of the Arabic-speaking Egyptian Muslim Association (AMAM) based in Cairo, and the organization is considered one of its strongest branches.

His work includes many of the works that are considered among the best examples of Muslim architecture.

The Islamic Architectural Record is a collective of over 200 members and an annual publication in which Al-Azhar (the Sunni Muslim school of Islamic jurisprudence) is the main authority.

This year’s edition, published in December 2017, was edited by Al-Wadaya Al-Haddad, a Muslim scholar from the university of Cairo.

He describes the work of the authors as ‘a monumental record of the Islamic heritage, which is of importance for the Muslims and Arabs, and also for the world’.

In Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, for example, Al-Farouq Saha and his team took part in the construction of a monumental ark, a complex that has now been restored to its former glory.

In another work, the work by Nader Al-Jaziri and his colleagues, ‘The Architectural Monument’ (1993), the work was used as the basis for the Islamic Architectura’s ‘National Archives of Egypt’, where it was first displayed in 2014.

A third work is ‘The Islamic Architecture of the Western Mediterranean, Vol.

1′, by Mohamed Abu El-Mekdad, which was exhibited in Paris in 2010 and now has a permanent residence at the National Library of Egypt.

It was published by the National Architectural Museum of Egypt in Cairo in 2017.

‘The Arab Architecture’, Al-Albani and his wife, the former Nabil al-Bana, have also been involved in the preservation of Islamic architecture, and it has been noted that ‘the work of Al-Banna, in addition to the Islamic architectural record, was important for the preservation and reconstruction of the Ottoman architecture in the early Ottoman period.

‘This work also reflects the great cultural significance of Islam in the region,’ Al-Abd Al-Qadir said.

The first Muslim Architectural Records were compiled by Arab architects in the mid-19th century, following the conquest of Egypt by the Ottoman Empire, in the late 16th century.

It is estimated that there are now over 50 Muslim Architecture records in existence.

Some of the most famous Muslim Architectura are the works of Ibrahim Al Al-Fahed (1795-1859), the first Muslim to win the Arab Prize for Architecture, and his contemporaries, such as Ibrahim H. Amira (1780-1857), the founder of the first Islamic architecture school in the Arab world, ‘Al-Azad University’, ‘Abd al-Qader al-Kashm’ (1806-1873), ‘Abdullah al-Tayyib (1825-1890), ‘Aljuh Al-Ghamd (1830-1907), ‘Amr Al-Tadoub (1833-1902), ‘Muhammad Qutub Al-Din al-Dilali (1842-1909), ‘Umar ibn al-Sabbagh (1858-1939), and ‘Uthman ibn ‘Ali (1911-2011).

In a similar way, the Islamic Architecture of the United Arab Emirates was a major project for the UAE government, as the government has maintained a collection of works by the most renowned Muslim Architectures, from Al-Ghazali to Al-Zahrawi.

Al-Majid Al-Shahidani, a leading scholar of Islamic Architecture in Egypt, and an important architect of the country, is the second author of the Arab Architectura.

He writes that, ‘the Islamic Architecturists were the first to recognise that architecture should be based on the principles of the classical Islamic tradition, as well as the need for a ‘civilised’ and civilized culture.’

The work of Muslim Architecturus Al-Bahadur (1765-1835) was also a major contribution to Islamic architecture and the preservation thereof, he wrote.

In the first half of the 19th century a Muslim architecture student in the United States, Ahmad Shah Mahmud Al-Muhammad (1849-1915), wrote about

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