When you’re building a minimalist home, you’re not building a traditional home.

In a new video from Architects, an organization that helps homeowners and architects find new ways to save money and increase efficiency, the duo of architect and builder Michael Solland and his wife, designer Amanda Korn, explore a series of new minimalist homes designed by architect and designer Dan Hulley.

The homes have an almost minimalist feel, using only a couple of square feet of floor space and no interior finishes, including a simple, utilitarian design.

These homes are intended for the minimalist traveler.

They’re also designed to look modern without taking up too much space.

The Sollands are using their house as a template for their minimalist design philosophy, which is designed to keep the house as minimalist as possible while offering the most space possible for the occupants.

While the Hulleys’ home has a simple interior, the couple wanted to take things one step further and create a more minimalist home with more room in the living space.

They found inspiration in the house of a friend who had just moved into the house.

While it may not be the first home the couple has built, the Hulsons said the house had been one of the few that they enjoyed staying in.

The couple had to figure out a way to make it feel like home, and they were inspired by the simplicity of the old-fashioned style of furniture and furniture accessories.

The result is a home that offers space for guests and guests can relax while being close to the fireplace and the backyard, and even the fireplace can be turned on.

The Hulsands have made a couple other minimalist homes for guests, including this one in New York, which has the home set up as a mini bar and kitchen, with a large outdoor patio for a dining area and a small backyard for a backyard barbecue.

In addition, the Sollants have also built a house with two bedrooms, one bathroom, a large living room with a fireplace, and a garage for their cars.

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