When you’re building an interior for a $4 million home, there’s nothing like an interior designer’s vision

Gaudi Architecture is a leading interior designer in Italy, with the design of more than 200 homes around the world.

The company is best known for its distinctive, modern and high-quality interior designs, but the interior designer has been working with a different kind of architect in the past few years.

When the architect was approached about the project, he told ABC News he wasn’t expecting the project to be as ambitious as it is.

“We had an idea of creating a residential project with an incredible view, an incredible feeling of scale and a great feeling of space,” Gaudi Architect Stefano Gaudi told ABC.

“This is not the usual living room. “

It was a very exciting idea.””

This is not the usual living room.

It was a very exciting idea.”

Gaudi Architecture says it was inspired by the views that come from the Italian island of Pernambuco, which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea.

In order to create the perfect view for the living room, the designer had to incorporate all the elements of an Italian interior, from the original building to the way it was used.

“There are two different perspectives,” Gaudia told ABC, “the Italian and the English perspective.”

Gaudi said the original plan was for the whole project to take two years, but he had to delay the start of the project because of the construction of the house.

“So, the whole plan is three years in the end, and this is a lot of work, so we had to be patient,” he said.

Gaudi said it was his favorite part of designing a home, which is the amount of detail that goes into the interior.

He said he wanted the home to be visually stunning, but it was also important to have the design that people wanted.

“If you want to build a house in Italy and have it look like a house, it will look different,” Gaddi said.

“If it’s beautiful, then you have a lot more freedom to create.”

The home was built in two phases.

Once the project was complete, the architect said he started by adding a new set of features.

The first phase involved the creation of the first floor.

“The first floor, it’s the first area, and it’s very much a living room,” Gaudio said.

The second floor is the dining area.

The third floor is for living space.

“All of the floors have a sense of scale, a sense that you can be in your living room or in your dining room, so it’s a really nice balance of scale,” he explained.

The first two floors are connected by stairs.

“The first level of stairs is not designed for living, but you have stairs that lead to your living space,” he told the ABC.

“Then you have the third floor and that’s a bit different, but also connected to the first two levels,” he continued.

“It’s very similar to the second level of the building.”

The final floor was designed as a living space that Gaudi calls a ‘house in space.’

The architect said it had a large garden, an open floor plan, and was very spacious.

“It was really a project where the architecture was always in space,” said Gaudi.

“So it was not just the building, but every element of the design.”

Gaddi also worked with the interior design firm Kogan and Associates to create a second phase, but this time, the work was more about the actual design.

“This time I didn’t want to be a typical designer, I wanted the house to be in a space,” the architect told ABC in a phone interview.

“In this project, it was a project in space, and I wanted everything to be connected, so there were no gaps between the floors.”

“It had to have great details,” Ganda said.

He said that he wanted his project to have something that “people would be able to relate to.”

The project was designed to look like something “that’s a home for one, two or three people,” but Gaddias said he didn’t think he would be making it for just one person.

“I want to create something that can be a community, a place of community, for all of the people who live here,” he shared.

“That’s what I wanted,” Gatti said.

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