How to get an interior architecture degree at the University of Southern California

Inside Architecture College has teamed up with the university to offer an in-depth curriculum that will teach students about the history of interior architecture at Southern California.

The curriculum includes an in depth introduction to the history and culture of interior design, as well as practical skills and techniques to enhance the interior design process and enhance your business.

The course also includes an exploration of the world of interior art, including the works of the masters and apprentices of the field, aswell as the importance of using modern and traditional methods to create a contemporary environment.

For students interested in becoming a full-time interior architect, the program is also offering a 3-year program that allows them to choose between a full or part-time degree.

Students will be able to work with interior designers and designers of various styles, to design and construct their own homes, to work in conjunction with architects and designers.

The degree is offered in partnership with Southern California University’s Center for Architectural Innovation, which also offers the degree in the arts and sciences, the university said in a news release.

Students will complete the in-person, online, and online course through the University.

To register for the program, students will have to have an official email address, and the students must complete the required courses, including a 3.0 GPA.

The program is free, and applicants will be contacted via email to provide an application, as required.

The University said it is open to anyone interested in interior design.

“This program offers students the opportunity to explore the art and science of interior, which is the basis for the most important building design practices,” said Michael Gorman, associate vice president for research, in a release.

“By studying the history, practice, and research of interior arts, students can become experts in the design and construction of their own spaces.”

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