Inside a house built by architect Adrian Allegro and his wife in Edinburgh

Inside a sprawling home with walls of red brick, white tile and gold leaf that adorns the exterior is the architectural legacy of architect Adrian Albrecht Allegro.

Built in 1904 in Edinburgh, Scotland, the house sits on the edge of a busy street.

Its grandiose, ornate façade, adorned with the words “Eternal Home,” features three floors of living space that overlook the river Clyde.

The house’s master bedroom, which has an open-plan bathroom and large marble slats, is a unique feature.

The second-floor bathroom features an open, spacious shower with a stainless steel showerhead.

The third floor, which also has a shower, is decorated with a mosaic of stone and glass mosaics.

In the basement, the family home also features a large marble fireplace, a large stone fireplace mantel, and a marble fireplace.

It is believed that the Albrechts lived in the house for almost a century before their death in 1926.

Adrian Allegros house is located at 855 St Andrews Street, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.