Why the architects of an architecturally fascinating building decided to make a huge hole in the wall

The story of the construction of the Westin Hotel in Moscow starts with the architects’ desire to make the building’s entrance more visible, which they achieved by installing an enormous hole in one of the walls.

“I think we have done a great job, but we can’t go back now,” the architect told RIA Novosti.

In order to make it visible from the street, the architects used a giant glass screen that was placed along the side of the building to give the impression of a gigantic hole in its concrete foundation.

A small piece of concrete was then removed and the whole building was then re-constructed using a similar process.

The designers also used a similar technique to re-create the original building in the original plan, by creating a hole in a section of the wall.

“We are very proud of this architectural achievement,” the architects wrote in a press release.

“It’s a perfect example of how architects can transform their original designs into a beautiful building in an extremely short time.”

The new building is one of a number of recent efforts to redesign large buildings around the world.

The city of London is looking to create a large, glass-walled glass structure on a street in the centre of the city to replace a former steel building that was built in the 17th century, which was later demolished.

In 2016, a small glass-clad structure was installed on the roof of the former St Mary’s Cathedral in Edinburgh, Scotland, replacing the historic structure with a large glass roof.

The plan for the new glass tower in Helsinki was also designed to resemble a glass wall.

The design of the new hotel in Moscow was inspired by an architecture student’s project called The Underground Subway.

The underground tunnels were originally designed as a series of tunnels to connect the underground buildings in the city, and the architect of the hotel was inspired to create his own version.

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